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Pilkington Libbey-Owens-Ford

Pilkington Libbey-Owens-Ford
Manufacturer of glass for the automotive industry
Lathrop, CA
Number of users:
4-user license
Principal user
Richard Nelson
On using GAGEtrak
“GAGEtrak allows us to track all the gages, no matter who the calibrator is, and sort for gages by multiple criteria.”

Richard Nelson uses GAGEtrak to track the calibrations and locations of more than 475 active tools and gages.

As laboratory assistant for the Pilkington Libbey-Owens-Ford plant in Lathrop, CA, Richard Nelson is responsible for tracking the calibrations and locations of over 475 active tools and gages. Combined with the fact that calibration schedules range from quarterly to yearly, using both external and internal calibrators, Nelson faced some difficulties.

“We knew when an item had been last calibrated, and sometimes where it had been at that time. We could get data on which items had not been calibrated only on those items covered in the yearly external calibration, but seldom did we know where the item was actually located, or who had/owned it,” Nelson said.

The lab’s external calibrator, who comes once a year, also had problems preparing for the annual process. Since they didn’t know which gages needed calibration, they couldn’t make sure that they brought all the necessary equipment with them.

To better organize the calibration process, the lab needed a flexible calibration management software program. They chose GAGEtrak because it “suited our needs the best,” Nelson said. “GAGEtrak allows us to track all the gages, no matter who the calibrator is, and sort for gages by multiple criteria.”
Nelson began converting his existing systems in May of 1999, and had fully implemented GAGEtrak within six months.
“Now I know which items are where, their current calibration status, and even if the item is owned by the company or by the individual. And when a calibration comes due, I am automatically notified. I also know who to contact to have it brought in, or who to issue a calibration work order to. This is a quantum leap from what we had before we started using GAGEtrak,” he said.

GAGEtrak’s issue tracking records help Nelson “track the location of each gage, so that local recall lists may be issued for gages that need calibration.” He’s also used the software to trace past locations for gages that are “dropped off with no information on where they had come from, or what was wanted.”
Nelson distributes GAGEtrak’s automatic notifications to the responsible department heads, which has made his work more efficient and timely, he said.

The lab’s external calibrator appreciates GAGEtrak’s reports. “They now know how many items they will have to calibrate when they get here, and which items, and can have all the appropriate equipment in their trailer,” said Nelson. “The ability to track things, and generate new lists the same day, has enabled me to keep close track on the calibration process, and ensure a clean sweep during the yearly calibration process. As I now know the locations of the tools and gages, I can see that everything which needs to be brought in is actually brought in, and I can go out and get things which have not come in. The calibration in December 1999 was the smoothest plant-wide calibration we have had in the last several years, and all due to GAGEtrak,” he added.

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